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Our full-featured MLM Software package is everything you will need to get a new MLM or Network Marketing Company off the ground, or take an existing company to a new level of business efficiency.
The system goes right from your front end self replicating website, to a full members back office, to a complete administration and support area, and it is multi language capable.

MLM Modules

1 Distributor / Membership Module

This module is normally made available in a few different area, Country System for Country Operator to key in and manage the country related records. Distribution Center’s System and Replicating Web Front system so that member registration can take place.

      + Member Registration
      + Member Genealogy Checking
      + Sponsor Tree Tracing – for country and master system
         for tracking purposes.
      + Check Orphan / Missing Link, normally run daily or during
         commission calculation to avoid miss-calculation due to data missing.
      + Member Termination
      + Web username and password

2 Sales and Order Processing Module

      + Member Sales
      + Sales Top up
      + Advanced Purchase
      + Sales Order Approval
      + Redemption List checking

3 Sales and Distribution Module

      + Distribution Center and Warehouse maintenance
      + Consignment Receipt
      + Consignment Sales, Consignment Return and Exchange,
         Consignment Statement
      + Outright Sales, Outright Sales Return (for Distribution Center
         who wish to terminate), Outright Sales Statement.
      + Loan, Loan Return and Loan Statement (Loan made available
          to Distributor only).
      + Sales Submission Management to handle outright Sales and
         Consignment Sales reported by Distribution Center.

4 Warehouse and Inventory Management Module

      + Supplier Maintenance
      + Goods Receive
      + Goods Return Outward
      + Stock Adjustment
      + Stock Taking
      + Stock Transfer
      + Stock Requisition
      + Stock Write Off
      + Stock Balance and Stock Ledger
      + Stock Redemption
      + Outstanding Redemption
      + Delivery Order

5 eWallet

      + Create eWallet
      + Transfer amount
      + Top Up
      + Withdraw
      + General Wallet Setting
      + Wallet Balance and Wallet Statement

6 Bonus Calculation System for Distributor and Distribution Center

      + Distributor Bonus (tailor made according to customer requirement)
      + Distribution Center Bonus Calculation (tailor made according
         to customer requirement)
      + Distributor Bonus Statement
      + Distribution Center Bonus Statement
      + Bonus Transfer to eWallet

7 Account Module (mainly for price setting)

      + Country Price Type Maintenance
      + Document Price Type Maintenance
      + Item Cost Price
      + Selling Price Setting
      + Monthly Currency Conversion

8 Reporting Module

We give customer the flexibility of defining 10 business management report. After which, customer may arrange with us to produce more report.

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